Workout anabolic recovery

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ADVANCED PROTEINS: this formula is based on what is regarded as the best of the best – hydrolysed whey protein, which is an enzymatically “pre-digested” protein, it’s already broken down to some extent in similar fashion to digestion, therefore its absorption and utilization is the greatest. Whey protein is the industry standard even in the Crossfit world, since its biological value is the highest! Protein’s role is well-known, but in highlights: protein can contribute to the maintenance or growth of muscle mass, and to the maintenance of normal bones!

Your growth potential increases exponentially as your ability to recover from your workout improves. However, although refueling with water and key electrolytes are important, this isn’t enough fire-power to re-establish internal anabolic dominance. The key variable in this equation that insures you maintain anabolic equilibrium centers how well you nourish systems before and during your workouts, but more importantly, right after all the major catabolic damage has been done, namely, at post-workout. This is when that anabolic switch needs to be ignited versus being doused and crashing to a slow burn. Always remember that the main mission of that post workout meal is to speed up the recovery process, so that your body is prepared to minimize the catabolic rigors of your next training session. In fact, as cited by the well-known sports nutrition researchers Dr. Frederick Hatfield and Martin Zucker, you shouldn’t be eating for what you just did, but instead for the calorie expenditure ahead.

Workout anabolic recovery

workout anabolic recovery


workout anabolic recoveryworkout anabolic recoveryworkout anabolic recoveryworkout anabolic recoveryworkout anabolic recovery