Univet steroids reviews

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If you want to alternate like that and you have some anavar, get some winstrol. 50mg/depot/day or 75-100mg/oral/day along with your anavar is a good combination. Neither drugs aromatize which will not trigger suppression via the estrogen receptor. Dbol aromatizes a great deal and thus is fairly suppressive and not conducive to alternating cycles. Additionally, winny and anavar both have very short half lives and thus you can be on and then off within a matter of hours. Also, an anti-estrogen is not necessary with these drugs. This is probably the best way to use your anavar, and save your Dbol for a bulking cycle involving some different drugs. 2 on 2 off is pattern that was reccomended to me for alternating these drugs and will cause a minimum of suppression if at all.

Univet steroids reviews

univet steroids reviews