Unfairness of steroids in sports

Ash, no offense but after dealing with several SO with those issues, my advise is to instead of looking for meds to treat the symptoms, go to a therapist and address the issues that are causing them. Obviously you have had a tragic, traumatic event(s) in your life and you need to learn to let go of that(them) and take control of your life and realize that life is what YOU make it. Yes there’s bad out there, but there’s alot more good. We all have to deal with that on a daily basis. You need to empower yourself with armor, like everyone else and confront the bad( positive energy captures and subdues negative). A fact of life is that there’s positive and negative energy in the Universe. We all have freedom of choice to choose which of those we walk in. I use the analogy that we’re all walking up a LONG hallway and there 2 beams of light, beaming along that hallway- Red light and Blue light. We all walk in one or the other light( altho most are walking right on the line, in both lights). Now, which ever light we’re walking in, that light is all consuming, it runs through us, is all around us and everything we see( think, feel, (mis)perceive, conclude, etc), is bathed in that light. it effects our thoughts and chemistries and processes, etc. The GOOD news is that we can choose which light to walk in, we just need to realize which light we’re in. Btw, the Red light is negative energy and the Blue is Positive energy. BTW before anyone jumps on me and say stuff like, “Hey it’s a brain chemical issue or a medical condition or a disease, blah, blah , blah,”, let me respond to you now. I beg to differ. Imo, that kind of talk comes from those who have ‘drank the Koolaid’ and bought into the pharma machine and are “addicted” to symptom treating meds. We can actually change our own brain (and body) functions and chemistries by our own shear will, in a good or bad way. Do I need to remind you of the massive, dangerous side effects of 99% of the RX drugs out there? I profess that 99% of those drugs do more harm than good. IF someone like Ashley REALLY wants to get well, she needs to get ALL the negative people and energy out of her life and surround herself with POSITIVE energy and people who REALLY want to help her heal herself. YES Ash, you can actually heal yourself. You have that power. Imo, no one has shown you that.

Unfairness of steroids in sports

unfairness of steroids in sports


unfairness of steroids in sportsunfairness of steroids in sportsunfairness of steroids in sportsunfairness of steroids in sportsunfairness of steroids in sports