Turbolinks example

There are a lot of things you can do to write your jQuery to make it Turblolinks compatible now (most of them are javascript best-practices anyhow). There are a lot of good resources out there on how to do that in the Turbolinks context , however an easy one to keep in mind is using (EDIT: delegated ) on() events instead of explicit event functions (. click, change, submit, etc) when possible. This ensures that the functions are attached to these DOM objects regardless if the object was in existence when the function was initially called.

Rails running on Matz's Ruby Interpreter (the de facto reference interpreter for Ruby) had been criticized for issues with scalability. [44] These critics often mentioned various Twitter outages in 2007 and 2008, which spurred Twitter's partial transition to Scala (which runs on the Java Virtual Machine ) for their queueing system and other middleware . [45] [46] The user interface aspects of the site continued to run Ruby on Rails [47] until 2011 when it was replaced due to concerns over performance [48]

Turbolinks example

turbolinks example


turbolinks exampleturbolinks exampleturbolinks exampleturbolinks exampleturbolinks example