Turboliner train

There is a proposal for a Montreal—New York City high-speed train . On October 6, 2005, the Albany Times-Union reported that New York Governor George Pataki and Quebec Premier Jean Charest "called for the creation of high-speed rail service between Montreal and New York City as a way to boost the regional economy during the third Quebec-New York Economic Summit [on October 4]". Little progress seems to have been made since then, and the Federal Railroad Administration has instead preferred a link between Montreal and Boston, despite the fact that independent ridership analyses have suggested that the New York state route would be much more promising. [8]

Amtrak ordered another seven Turboliner trainsets, which were delivered between 1976 and 1977. These were manufactured by Rohr Industries , and were known as RTL Turboliners. [29] They were based on the earlier RTG series, but had American-style Janney couplers throughout [9] and a different design of power car cab . [30] The standard configuration of each set was five cars: power cars at either end, a food service car, and two coaches. [28] In that configuration, each trainset could carry 264 passengers. [31] At times, Amtrak operated Turboliners with an additional coach cut into the consist. [32] These were the final gas turbine trainsets purchased by Amtrak; conventional diesel locomotive-hauled trains proved cheaper to operate. [33]

Turboliner train

turboliner train


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