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I have gotten many of the free apps from Amazon, but have few of them installed. I wish I could remove the ones I don't care about from my list! At any rate, I had an epiphany after reading this thread. One of my other major annoyances is that the notification bar almost always said I have new apps to install and/or updates. During this most recent burnout of battery, I went into the App Store app and disabled ALL notifications. The CPU usage abruptly stopped and my phone went back to normal. I wonder if the app store is waking up and comparing the list of apps you have with the list you own (since my list is rather extensive, even though I only have a handful on my phone), and this process is what's burning up the CPU and thus the battery. I'll keep an eye on it and see if that actually fixed it permanently!

I just read http:///2016/10/10/android-user-reviews-iphone-7/ and I agree with most of it. The important note that's really getting me is the *main upside* to an iPhone is the messaging. The fact that iMessage is so tightly integrated with the iPhone experience (and just works for everyone immediately) and the fact that *absolutely nothing like it* exists for Android is a huge issue. Possibly the biggest issue in iOS vs Android.
Many people have said this - but sideloading ROMs and unlocking bootloaders and shit was fun and all. But those days are over. I just want shit to work now. It's the same when I graduated from a Linux laptop to MBP. I had fun compiling kernels for a while, but once I got on a MacBook where everything just worked, there was no going back.
My last iPhone was the 3GS. When I moved the Android, it was a breath of fresh air. Seemed so free and unrestricted compared to iOS. But now - I don't care that I can change keyboards or set my default browser to some obscure thing no one has heard of. I just want this shit to work.
And since the Pixel looks almost identical to the iPhone anyway - why wouldn't I just get an iPhone?

Tbolt usa promo code

tbolt usa promo code