Tbol on cutting cycle

Tons of stuff but bm pharma enenthenate 250
Ran for several weeks 1 cc a week for a cruise.
Was already cruising along when started .
Pins easy although it's a little thicker solution however it's not bad at all.
Cruising from a break from a previous blast and 9 felt great never lost communication with the boys and it kept me alive.
I like the individual amps as it seems more stearal.
Had to have some antiestro on hand as I had little estrogen probs as they stayed leveraged prolly from the blast previously.

Hey idk what some of the others are talking about but any compound can really be used to for bulk cut etc it's just that some make it easier towards one direction than another. From what i got with what you said you were looking for, Test and Tbol is great. Idk what stats are like but let's say your built and around 15%. Test 400 is right on the money in my opinion and Tbol at 50 is as well. If you could get 10s or 20s that'd be a lot better to gauge and alter your dosing. I did a cycle of Test E400/Tbol50-60 for 11 weeks. I ran the Tbol for 8weeks. I worked out with the Test400 for a few weeks felt some nice pumps, more vascular, and better workouts. Then when i started the Tbol I started with 40mg and every 2-3 weeks bumped it up 10. After 2 weeks you start to feel good pumps, more vascularity, and better pumps working with the Test. Over all in the height of the cycle you'll feel they both compliment each other, that with your diet you can either cut and stay full, tight, and pumped. Or if you're going for a recomp which I was, I put on about 9-11 lbs and cut down significantly. But overall I felt strong,full,tight skin, big pumps, and vascular. I knew if I ate more I could've went up to 15-16 lbs on the cycle while staying lean. This is all my opinion with my experience. But Test400/Tbol50 is a great recomp cycle. I'm a big anavar guy and it was very similar yet little differences. I felt like I could've put more mass on with Tbol vs anavar but it's knit picking at this point. Good luck bud

Tbol on cutting cycle

tbol on cutting cycle


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