Tapering off steroids cycle

--- Stress is often mentioned by CSS patients around the time of their diagnosis, and in a way this seems related to the adrenal glands as well. A patient in another support group reported reading in "The Stress of Life" by Dr. H. Seyle:.... "the adrenal glands are the processors of stress in our bodies. A person's stress resistance will vary with the competence of his adrenals. Continually stressing them, finally depletes them. When we become exhausted by life, on a mental or physical level, our adrenal glands often fail to keep up, and illness ensues".

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in june this year, i was admitted to hospital after my colonoscopy where i started on 50mg prednisone, i have been slowly tapering since then i am now down to and cant wait to get off them. I have been moody, had insomnia, my energy levels dropped considerably, to the point where i had to take time of work. I am a nursing student and i had no drive to study or go to class what so ever, my appetite increased and my motivation to exercise decreased. I have put on 7 kilograms and have had ‘moon face’ since bout a week into it. In saying all this, this drug saved my life, i used to have up to 15 bowel motions of diarrhea a day, severe cramping and abdominal pain, i was anemic and depleted of about every nutrient there is, dehydrated, i had dermatitis and eczema. This has all gone away since being on predisone combined with my other medications, if you are getting down about weight gain or the other side effects, just think of what you would have the horrible symptoms of this disease or a few side effects that are only short term ?

Tapering off steroids cycle

tapering off steroids cycle


tapering off steroids cycletapering off steroids cycletapering off steroids cycletapering off steroids cycletapering off steroids cycle