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    Chris Griffin 

  • In "Extra Large Medium", Chris dates Ellen a girl with Down Syndrome. On their date, she turns out to be a demanding bitch and eventually pushes Chris to his limit. He explodes at her and tells her that just because she's handicapped doesn't make it okay for her to be mean to others.
  • In "Space Cadet" Chris manages to save the entire family from being stranded in space by piloting the space shuttle back to earth, proving that he's more then just The Ditz .
  • Chris gives his opinion of Lois's actions in "The King Is Dead". Meg: I don't get it, Mom, if you're so mad at Dad for wrecking your show, why did you come to opening night? Lois: I came because I love the theater. I mean, if I just came here to enjoy watching your father be humiliated when this asinine spectacle of his is ridiculed by everyone in town, what kind of person would I be? Chris: A bitch?
  • A major one for Brian haters: in "Livin on a Prayer" when Brian tried to spew his views about the whole issue, Chris calls him out on it, stating that if Brian dies (and he probably will, considering that a future episode will have one member of the Griffin family die and be replaced), the family is going to get a new dog, one that actually acts like a dog and isn't a preachy douche.
    • Subverted in the fact that Vinnie also acts human-like for the duration of his time on the show.
  • * Chris singing "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" with South Seas natives, shown here.
  • In "Foxx In the Men House", the Griffins are visiting a restaurant, and Stewie complains about having to take a "forced happiness" family photo that comes in the restaurants frame. Chris, annoyed at Stewie's pointless cynicism, responds in an awesome manner. Chris : Why are you always so ****ing negative all the time? Stewie : *shocked* I-I...what?

Stewie on steroids season

stewie on steroids season


stewie on steroids seasonstewie on steroids seasonstewie on steroids seasonstewie on steroids seasonstewie on steroids season