Steroids help ear infections

Lisa that is just devastating!!!! It sounds like there is something else going on if it is affecting so many parts of your body. A physician is sometimes better than a doctor as they are usually consulted when a doctor can't work out what the problem is. Whatever you do, keep copies of all your test results and if you are not getting answers, keep changing doctors and specialists. It is not surprising that you are not sleeping but if you don't sleep well it makes everything more difficult to cope with and really affects your energy levels. If you can, get something to help you sleep. Everything is easier to cope with when you are not exausted and sleep deprived. I went through chronic/ post viral fatigue and no one diagnosed it even though it was quite obvious that this is what I had suffered after a shocking virus. The medical world can be very narrow minded so finding a doctor who is willing to help find an answer is very important for a cure and for peace of mind when you are feeling so vulnerable. If you are desperate, phone around to get into an ENT earlier or drop in to yours and explain that you need to be assessed urgently. If your emergency department has an ENT, that may be faster. I hope you have a good friend to support you xxxxx

One potential etiologic factor for otitis media with effusion is inflammation, which may be reduced with steroids. Other potential mechanisms of action include directly shrinking tissue around the eustachian tube, improving eustachian tube surfactant secretion, and reducing middle ear effusion viscosity. 3 Oral and topical nasal steroids have been used to treat otitis media with effusion. Use of oral steroids is associated with behavioral changes, increased appetite, weight gain, adrenal suppression, and avascular necrosis of the femoral head. Topical steroids have fewer adverse effects because of minimal systemic absorption. 1

Note: There are times when a vet visit is wise and prudent. Sometimes ear pain is not due to fungal, viral, or bacterial infections. A trip to the vet would be wise if you have any doubts. However, if you are sure this is just a run-of-the-mill ear infection, then you should try the solutions above. It is great to have them at your disposal, and it really is cost-saving. Many people have spent hundreds of dollars trying to treat chronic ear infections in their animals. Using cleaners plus the above solutions may be the answer you are looking for. In this economy, they were the answer for me.

Steroids help ear infections

steroids help ear infections


steroids help ear infectionssteroids help ear infectionssteroids help ear infectionssteroids help ear infectionssteroids help ear infections