Steroids for fibromyalgia pain

Hi! I had a fairly severe attack of gall bladder disease today and ended in ER. The doctor has told me to see a surgeon, and follow-up with my PCP. I’ll be seeing her tomorrow. He had an ultra-sound done and found that I have quite a few stones. including some blocking. I’ve had high cholesterol problems since being on strong chemo after cancer surgery, and was told it had limited the function of my liver. Have you heard of this before?
Also, in addition to veggie shakes, may I continue to have my smoothies, since they’re made with non-fat yogurt, and sherbet, with no fat in them? I need to do all possible to keep up the calcium level, so I don’t have any more broken bones. Does the calcium I take cause more problems with the gall bladder? Thanks!!

Yeah unfortunately those injections rarely work for Fibro.
So make sure off you go to another pain Dr. that you explain that you have already had multiple injections & they are not helpful & you need a Different course of action as soon as you sit down..
Best of luck to you. I have also sent you a friend request & once you accept it we can talk privately "off the boards".
I have been battling Fibro so long & have tried Alot of things & would love to chat with you about them.
Take care, Kathy

I make bath bombs with the essential oils in them. The fragrance, the oils and all the other wonderful things in bath bombs help relax me and soothe the aching and nerve pain . Bath bombs are just epsom salts, corn starch, citric acid and baking soda mixed with the oils, along with coconut oil , a little bit of water and I use Vitamin E in them too. Your skin is so silky after the bath and your aches and pains are controllable or even gone by the time you get out of the bath. You can buy them for like $10 a piece or get the ingredients and make them for yourself. I enjoy making them and I give them away to friends. I guess I should start selling them because I have so many people asking for them. Some of them I make with one color (food coloring) and sometimes I make the oil and split it for different colors and make rainbow colored bombs. They really help my fibro and my migraines !

Steroids for fibromyalgia pain

steroids for fibromyalgia pain


steroids for fibromyalgia painsteroids for fibromyalgia painsteroids for fibromyalgia painsteroids for fibromyalgia painsteroids for fibromyalgia pain