Steroid injection abscess treatment

Hello Sir,
My sister of about 50 yrs. She is having diabetes. She is having one problem —
every after two years one boil in her underarm appears with little bit of pain. This is happening during the last six years. She used Allopathy as well as homeopathy under the supervision of Doctors of respective field. Everytime it appears in a small & same area, no pun blood etc come out but disappears. After that she feels no pain. But it she touch deeply in the area, feels a hard particle uber the skin. Beyond operation, is there any solution in homeopathy to get permanent recovery from it.
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Krishna Chandra Das

It is not clear if or how additional epidural, paraspinal, or intra-articular steroid injections may increase the risk of fungal infection or contribute to a recurrence of infection in patients who received injections with the contaminated product and who are currently asymptomatic. Steroids are immunosuppressive and it is possible they could increase risk in patients with sub-clinical infection; however, the duration of infection risk resulting from prior exposure to a contaminated steroid product is still unknown. Providers should discuss the need for additional injections with their patients.

Spinal epidural abscess: At the beginning of the 20th century, almost all individuals with spinal epidural abscess died. However, associated mortality rates have dropped significantly over the past 50 years, likely because of better diagnostic modalities. Nonetheless, despite advances in imaging and surgical care, the current mortality rate ranges from 2%-20%. [ 1 , 2 , 8 ] Not surprisingly, the mortality risk is greater in those with severe underlying comorbidities or uncontrolled sepsis. Differences in etiology (ie, iatrogenic vs noniatrogenic) do not affect the prognosis. The essential problem of spinal epidural abscess lies in the necessity of early diagnosis, as permanent neurological deficits and possible mortality can be avoided or reduced only with timely treatment.

Steroid injection abscess treatment

steroid injection abscess treatment


steroid injection abscess treatmentsteroid injection abscess treatmentsteroid injection abscess treatmentsteroid injection abscess treatmentsteroid injection abscess treatment