East german vocabulary

Germans particularly favor visiting warm Mediterranean climates like in Eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey, Italy and Spain which are enlarging in popularity. Germans are also eager to travel in Africa, America and Far East. Germans is the third nationality most likely to tour the US next to British and Japanese. The most favored US destinations are New York, California and Florida. Car rental agencies, airlines, hotels, tour companies and travel agencies who are able to converse in German have greater chances of winning their business. Floridians, for example, are clearly aware of this as there are two travel magazines there which are published in German; Florida Sun Magazine and Florida Journal.

The softened ⟨w⟩ after guttural consonants has mixed with the guttural ⟨r⟩ of earlier generations and also turned into an American ⟨r⟩, so that German gewesen > gwest > grest and German geschwind > gschwind > tschrind (spoken as *trint would be in American English). These changes in pronunciation, combined with the general disappearance of declensions as described above, result in a form of the dialect that has evolved somewhat from its early Pennsylvania origins nearly 300 years ago, while still being rather easy to understand by German dialect speakers of the Rhineland-Palatinate area.

East german vocabulary

east german vocabulary


east german vocabularyeast german vocabularyeast german vocabularyeast german vocabularyeast german vocabulary