East german vehicles

East Germany decided to upgrade the fortifications in the late 1960s to establish a "modern frontier" that would be far more difficult to cross. Barbed-wire fences were replaced with harder-to-climb expanded metal barriers; directional anti-personnel mines and anti-vehicle ditches blocked the movement of people and vehicles; tripwires and electric signals helped guards to detect escapees; all-weather patrol roads enabled rapid access to any point along the border; and wooden guard towers were replaced with prefabricated concrete towers and observation bunkers. [32]

Some of you people are sickening. Outraged that you are paying “top-dollar” for 30-40k cars that would cost 60k if made in Germany. You would think you were shopping for a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta the way you go on. I see many blaming the countries workers where the cars were assembled in for their woahs, real or imagined (probably the latter), when the parts still come from the same places they came from before. “Oh the CLR has no power, I see why now”, powertrain not even built in Hungary. “Mercedes is junk now that Chrysler merged”.. Chrysler is German and has been since 1998. “I paid $35k for a car made in ALABAMA?!!” 1 in 5 cars in America are made in Alabama. Alabama built the Saturn V rocket that sent men to the moon. ALL the western world’s missile defence electronics are made there and many of the complete systems out right. So many stereotypes and predjudices on display here. If your country is now making these cars, BE PROUD!, support your workers and buy them. If you want a “German car” or a “British car”, or an “American car” in a global market economy, GOOD LUCK. Maybe you can find one, but I can guarentee it will not be 30k, Mr. and Miss “Top Dollar”. “Prestige” LMAO.

East german vehicles

east german vehicles


east german vehicleseast german vehicleseast german vehicleseast german vehicleseast german vehicles