East german gsd breeders

All of our German Shepherds posses alert expressions, with beautiful noble heads and correct ear set, excellent working structure which enables them to be extremely agile, they can run fast and jump high! They have a strong desire to work and their loyalty & dedication to their family is unwavering. Their nerves are solid and temperament strong, this allows them to be in situations such as pet stores, local department stores and on city streets with strangers amongst us. They're also excellent guests in relative's homes & hotels while traveling without being a nuisance. They also have no environmental issues and can play and work under gunfire, thunder, rain as well as climb ladders, scale walls and jump atop any surface asked to!

To this point, the mid-eighties, we end this brief history. Although starting with a common base, the breed in Germany and America has taken a separate but parallel course. The Americans, largely through Lance, and the Germans, largely through Canto and Quanto, have evolved closely-bred, although differing breeds in looks, movment, style, and structure. Both systems have cemented both desirable and undesirable characteristics into the breed. The Americans have the option to persue their own views and choose their own bloodline courses whether from within or outside their country. The Germans, controlled by the SV, will likely continue to look within to develop the breed. The future will be interesting for the breed in both countries ...

East german gsd breeders

east german gsd breeders


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