Dbol or anavar only cycle

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Here is a good cycle layout:
– Week 1 to 12: Testosterone enanthate @ 250 mg every days (500mg/week total)
– Week 1 to 12: HCG @ 250 iu every days (500 iu/week total)
– Week 1 to 14: Arimidex @ every other day (From day 2 up until PCT starts)
After your last testosterone injection, you’ll need to wait 14 days to start PCT. This
allows just enough time for the enanthate ester to clear your system so that you can start
therapy. Remember to continue taking your AI during those 2 weeks. You can also
choose to use Aromasin, the recommended dose is 25mg daily.
Post Cycle Therapy should consist of both Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) and Clomiphene
(Clomid). The combination is important as they work in synergy to help you recover.
Running only one of them will hinder your chance of recovery some. Your PCT protocol
for this cycle should look like the following:
Clomid @ 75/50/50/50 & Nolvadex @ 40/20/20/20

Dianabol is a relatively strong estrogenic anabolic steroid due to the moderate level of aromatase activity it carries. While its aromatase activity is only moderate, this conversion actually leads Methandrostenolone to be converted to methylestradiol rather than estradiol, which is far more powerful than estradiol. This can make side effects like gynecomastia and water retention very possible with this steroid; in fact, they can appear seemingly overnight. Heavy water retention can also promote high blood pressure, which Dianabol is notorious for causing. Such effects can be controlled, and when it comes to high blood pressure this is something you’ll need to put some effort into ensuring does not become a problem.

In order to combat the estrogenic side effects of Dianabol, anti- estrogens are commonly recommended when supplementing with this steroid. You have two choices in anti-estrogens, Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERM’s) like Nolvadex ( Tamoxifen Citrate ) and Aromatase Inhibitors (AI’s) like Femara ( Letrozole ). SERM’s can be enough for some men and should be your first choice if they can get the job done. However, AI’s will be far more effective as they will directly inhibit aromatization and reduce serum estrogen levels. Unfortunately, AI’s can negatively affect cholesterol, as can Dianabol, and when conjoined this can prove potentially problematic. If an AI is used cholesterol management will be a priority, and it will be possible. However, SERM’s, while not always as effective will actually promote healthier cholesterol levels due to their estrogenic like activity in the liver.

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Dbol or anavar only cycle

dbol or anavar only cycle


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