Bostin loyd steroid stack video

The pursuit of massive muscle gains is the name of the game when it comes to bodybuilding. Whether you’re an elite pro or just your average run of the mill lifter with the intentions of looking more shredded, achieving greater muscle development is the key goal. If you’re not making gains then you’re just wasting time and because of that mentality many professionals and amateurs believe that they must rely on substances like steroids and synthol in order to achieve greater gains. The more we move forward in bodybuilder the more common it is for even the average Joe walking the streets to be on some kind of anabolic or synthetic substance in hopes of obtaining massive muscle.

Tren, Var, and Primo; notably, have had the largest of issues lately. So logically, I would stay away from Var for the most part (pharma is too damn expensive). Although Posh UGLs do have some alright Var, albeit more expensive than small-time UGLs. Pharma Primo is expensive for the doses it has to be run at, but can be bought for slightly higher than most reputable UGLs anyhow. As for tren; raw suppliers just are not very consistent with quality (95% one time, 20% the next batch...). It's a huge gamble on tren. So for legit tren, as of right now I would buy cattle pellets and brew it up on my own.

Bostin loyd steroid stack video

bostin loyd steroid stack video


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