Best asthma steroid inhaler

The researchers conclude that, in line with current asthma clinical guidelines, inhaled corticosteroids are the most effective therapy for school-aged children with mild to moderate asthma. They note, however, that even among the children taking the most effective medicine, there were an average of just 64% asthma control days over the 48 weeks of the study. This shows the importance of monitoring a child's response to medication regularly in order to make appropriate adjustments. Studies are now underway to directly compare treatment options for those children who need additional therapy.

If you have a serious asthma attack (exacerbation), your doctor may prescribe a short course of oral c orticosteroids. When used orally for less than two weeks, the side effects of corticosteroids are less likely, but when used for many months, they can have a serious and permanent effect. After the severe symptoms of your asthma attack have been successfully treated and controlled, your doctor will work with you to minimize your need for prednisone in the future. Faithfully taking an inhaled corticosteroid every day is the most commonly successful method to do this.

Best asthma steroid inhaler

best asthma steroid inhaler


best asthma steroid inhalerbest asthma steroid inhalerbest asthma steroid inhalerbest asthma steroid inhalerbest asthma steroid inhaler