Basskiller steroid conversion

In effort to list a protocol for the use of GHRP / GRF / and in combo with GH if desired I thought I would post my current protocol based upon the research I have done within the last year or so. Obviously the information I gathered is not based on medical studies completed by me but I do use the following protocol myself and have been pretty damed impressed with the results. Recovery from injury is very impressive to me (any kind of injury). Example, 5 days ago I was lifted by the butt of a tree I cut down (long story). I had bruising and some serious raspberry on my under arm, left quad and my abs ( the but of the tree ran right up the front of my once it got under my arm it lifted me and tossed me about 10 feet through the air). Its been 5 days and all that is left of the raspberries are some faint red marks......amazing IMO.

Even if one were to learn of a long CAG repeat polymorphism, there is no treatment. However, for those who do not seem to respond to AAS use, at comparable dosages and training to his peers, this may be an early sign of a long CAG repeat polymorphism. There is value to being aware of this, as this trait may lead to early signs of hypogonadism, or other metabolic conditions, even in the presence of ‘normal’ serum (blood) testosterone concentrations. Those who respond very vigorously to AAS may wish to acknowledge the increased risk seen in men with shorter CAG repeats, and more closely monitor cholesterol changes, PSA, mood, and hair

Basskiller steroid conversion

basskiller steroid conversion


basskiller steroid conversionbasskiller steroid conversionbasskiller steroid conversionbasskiller steroid conversionbasskiller steroid conversion