Anabolic mass gainer gnc

Hey Ian,
Yep! You could use Serious Mass instead of the WHOLE workout shake. The weight gainer has all the carbs you’d need, so no need to add dextrose. It’s perhaps slightly less effective than our mix, but that’s hard to say, and the difference would be very negligible. The reason we don’t use it is because it costs around $10 a serving, whereas ours costs around $2. (Cheaper than food.)
Serious Mass tastes much better though!
Outside of your workout shake I wouldn’t use gainers. Stick to whole food or smoothies instead. Healthier, and you’ll get better results.
Hope that helps, and good luck!

I'm 33 and 1st used of it was 2 years ago while I weighted 117 pounds. I was going to gym 6 times a week and eat 2000-4000 calories per day since last 15 years and stay at 117pounds well I tried everything to gain instead of maintaining my weight. Pecfect for fast metabolism, I used for 45 days with 1 jar of mass tech and gain 40pounds and being 157pounds. My chest pass from 36 inchs to 42 inchs. Since 2 years that I didn't used any additional product and I have been maintained 147 pounds and 39 inchs of chest. I'm proud to keep this 30 pounds and thinking to get another jar now to see if I will goal 175 pounds.

If you are looking to put size on try a program called P90X. The program is very intense and even caters towards athletics. Cuation, this program is extreme but works wonders…I started at 175 lbs and 22% body fat at 5’″ at 26yrs old and know down to 17% body fat after only 3 months. They even suggest what foods to eat and how much depending on what you want to do. The programs are brole down into toning, weight lose, and building muscle mass. The program is a little high priced but real worth it. I take creatine with my workout and seemed to do wonders. As far as speciallized workout for football, I have a very close friend who has been a varsity coach for 10+ years and said he has never seen anything like this program…….he started making his players do it in the off season and plans to set something up for summer workouts… me, this program will give you great results!!!

Anabolic mass gainer gnc

anabolic mass gainer gnc


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