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An assessment by the BlueCross BlueShield Association Technology Evaluation Center (BCBSA, 2014) stated: "The choice of bone material for interbody fusion in [anterior cervical discectomy and fusion] ACDF has important clinical implications. Allograft bone has several drawbacks, including a minute (albeit unproven) risk of infectious disease transmission; possible immunological reaction to the allograft; and possible limited commercial availability of appropriate graft material. In contrast, the use of autograft bone in ACDF has potentially substantial morbidities at the harvest site, generally the iliac crest. These include moderate-to-severe, sometimes prolonged pain; deep infection; adjacent nerve and artery damage; and increased risk of stress fracture. Although there may be slight differences between autograft and allograft sources in the postoperative rate of union, clinical studies have demonstrated similar rates of postoperative fusion (90%–100%) and satisfactory outcomes for single-level, anterior-plated ACDF using either bone source. Thus, the choice of graft material involves a trade-off between the risks specific to autograft harvest versus those specific to use of allograft material."

Dr. Henley explained what he would be doing during the surgery and was very calming in the pre-surgery visit.  I appreciated the follow up call the next day to check on me, I had a couple of questions and they were easily answered during this call.  My follow up visit was good and I was told not to come back unless I had problems, so that was a good thing.  Staff at his office was friendly and courteous as well.  I appreciated that surgery wasn’t the first thing Dr. Henley suggested, he first injected my finger and waited to see if surgery was needed.  That was just a short fix,about 3 months, but it seems as if the surgery has fixed it.  I’m still sore and have a little tingling, but it seems to be getting better, no more painful finger “lock ups”!   

A1 pulley steroid injection

a1 pulley steroid injection


a1 pulley steroid injectiona1 pulley steroid injectiona1 pulley steroid injectiona1 pulley steroid injectiona1 pulley steroid injection